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Ho-Youl, JUNG

Ph. D, Associate Professor


n       Address: School of E.E.C.S., Yeungnam Univ., Dae-dong, Kyungsan-City, Kyungpook, Rep. of Korea

n       Tel: (Office) +82. 53. 810. 3545

n       Fax: (Office) +82. 53. 810.4742

n       E-mail: hoyoul@yu.ac.kr

n       Homepage: (Laboratory) http://msp.yu.ac.kr


Lecture Board (Administrator Only)


He received the Ph.D degree in the Electronics Engineering from INSA (Institute National des Sciences Appliquées) de Lyon, France, in 1998. He is currently an associate professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Yeungnam University, Korea. Both his teaching and research interests include digital signal processing, wavelets, watermarking, JPEG/JPEG-2000, quality measurement for transmitted multimedia data, and computer graphics (3-D meshes processing).

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